Frequently Asked Questions

Music Studies

  1. What are the procedures involved in enrolling my children in your school for practical and theory classes?

    For practical lessons, please call our school at (905) 946-8040 for an interview. Depending on the requested date and time for the lesson and level of studies, we will try to match your request with our teachers’ schedules and assign the right teacher for your children. For theory lessons, you may email us at to register. Since our theory class enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis, spots are only reserved for those who have already made the payment for the course(s) they enrol in. Telephone registration is NOT considered a confirmed enrolment and therefore reservation of spot is not guaranteed.

  2. What are your rates for piano and string lessons?

    Our rates start from $43 to $80 per hour for piano lessons and $35 per half an hour to $70 per hour for string lessons (i.e. violin) depending on the level of studies. Typical beginners start at the $21.5 – $40 range per lesson (1/2 hour); the rate and length of the class may increase according to the student’s progress.

  3. What are the fees for theory lessons?

    Please consult our latest timetable for course fees and availability. A one-time $15 registration fee will incur for new students.

  4. Is text material included in the course fee for any theory lesson?

    No. Depending on the theory course, please check our latest timetable for material fee. Textbooks are also required for our theory courses. They can be purchased from our office at the time of the registration.

  5. I want to register my child for the upcoming RCM examinations. Where can I register?

    You may register online at

  6. What teacher’s number should I enter when registering for RCM examinations for my children? They study at your school.

    The teacher’s number for online registration is 26362 for students studying at Euromusic Centre.

  7. What is the RCM centre number for Euromusic Centre (for RCM practical and theory exams)?

    Our RCM centre number is 151, representing the city of Markham.