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2020 - 2021 Exam Result

Winter 2022 Theory Classes
Winter 2022 Theory Classes

Date: Feb 5 - May 7
Time: 2 and 1/2 hour
Venue: 8-2651 John Street, Markham
CALL: (905)946-8040

Theory Classes - Spring and Summer 2019
Theory Classes

Registration for our theory classes in Winter 2020 is now open, please click the above icon to view the schedule or contact us at 905-946-8040 for details!

Piano & Strings Lessons
Piano & Strings Lessons

The study of music enriches the life of everyone; it contributes to a sense of achievement and self-worth. Piano playing aids the development of co-ordination, self-discipline and provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

Markham Music Festival 2019

Gala Concert & Awards Ceremony

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Ms. Cheryll Chung is a highly responsible and passionate teacher who's very enthusiastic about teaching. She's organized and knows the material very well. She's willing to spend time looking through student's work and give constructive feedback to help them improve. From time to time, she would provide small quizzes to check in with students learning, helping them recognize areas that may require more attention. One of the many things I enjoyed was how she would let us listen to music while following the score. It helps us understand the music that we're studying at a deeper level. When having to adapt to an online learning environment, she would check in with us often through emails and was there to provide support if needed. She not only cared for our education but us as well. Ms. Chung has made learning music history more engaging, even though it's a subject that requires lots of memorization. Ms. Chung is an outstanding teacher who dedicates her time to helping students excel in the area of studying.

Lisa Zhu – Level 10 History (Win 2020)

Hi, my name is Benson Jiang. I am a student that studied with Ms. Cheryll Chung for both Level 9 and Level 10 History. I just recently did my level 10 History exam, and I personally think I did exceptionally well on it. I highly recommend Ms. Chung because she is such a great teacher. I really enjoy all of her classes because she always explains every single part of the textbook in detail even if it's already written on there and she makes sure we memorize and understand everything before moving on. She gives us quizzes in between to test us on our knowledge and I think this is very important because quizzes help you to review what you memorized and learned and can help you identify which parts you need to improve on. Adding on, she also encourages us to listen to all the music examples not because it is part of the online exam now, but because it helps our understanding of the music. I choose to take class with her again after Level 9 because I did well in my grade 9 History exam and I think the way she teaches class is effective and helps make learning about music history more enjoyable. In conclusion, I really think you should take music history with her because I can guarantee you if you did, you will do very well on the exam.

Benson Jiang – Level 9 History (Sum 2019) & Level 10 History (Win 2020)

“Grace has been learning theory in Richard’s class, and from the last a couple of months, I found that Richard is a professional, genuine and responsive teacher who is also taking extra personal time to help his students in need, he is also a great communicator! He is a great asset to the company. I wanted to congratulate the EURO music school for having a teacher like Richard! and we are happy that Grace is in his class :) Whenever people ask me where Grace learns music, I am always confident to speak highly about the Euromusic school and the teachers! “

- Spryte Loriano -

I had been looking for a piano teacher who can motivate my son Sina to play piano until 2 years ago when we came to Euromusic centre, I was finally relieved from worrying. I am so fortunate that they arranged Mr.John Graham for him. Besides his professional background and a RCM examiner, he is very caring and knows how to deal with teenagers.EUROMUSIC has a high standard in teaching and I’m so grateful for their arrangement for my son.

- Kathy Afshar -